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Revitalize and sculpt your skin with our Muse Stone, treating yourself to a mini at-home facial after a long day. The simple Gua Sha technique is designed to improve skin elasticity, fine lines, and aid lymphatic drainage, releasing stress and tension in the face. There are over 40 muscles in our face and circulating energy in the facial areas we usually don’t massage will help lift and activate those muscles. If you are someone that clenches the jaw or grind your teeth, you will be able to release tension in these areas and improve skin quality. In addition, the slight cooling effect of the stone helps depuff an overall sluggish complexion.

A Traditional Chinese Beauty Practice
Gua Sha has been traced back to the Paleolithic age where rocks or stones were scraped along parts of the body to help alleviate symptoms of pain or illness and is considered a precursor to Acupuncture. Gua sha is still performed in many eastern cultures that believe in releasing pain and tension in the face and body.


  • Alleviate tension from your face and neck
  • Plump and sculpt your facial muscles
  • Smooth fine lines 
  • Decrease puffiness

  • How to use
  • About the Stone
  • FAQ


1. First apply a facial oil like The Nectar for a good slip.

2. Always work upwards and outwards - 6-10 times at each area of the face as needed (you don’t need to go in a particular order).

3. Keep the Gua Sha stone at a 15 degree flat angle.

4. Use medium pressure along the jawline and chin and light pressure around the eyes and forehead - the goal is to increase microcirculation, not to induce markings or bruising.

5. You can clean your tool with soap and water, to remove buildup of oil or debris.

6. Gua sha will create some pinkness or redness on the area you are working but should subside shortly after the session.

Made of 100% Obsidian stone. According to crystal healing, black obsidian/bian stone cleanses negative energy from our bodies, minds, and spirit. By drawing out the negative fog, we can gain clarity and insight into our overall wellness. 

Please note our Gua Sha's are hand made from natural stone so they may vary slightly in shape, texture and color. In combination with the face oil, the logo can fade overtime.

What Should I expect when doing a treatment?

Gua sha will create some pinkness or redness in the area you are working. When working on the face you want to apply light to medium pressure as the facial skin is thinner and there is less tissue and muscle compared to the rest of the body. The amount of “sha” or color will vary depending on pressure, amount of stagnation or inflammation in the area, time spent, and the individual’s skin type.

How long do results last?

Results are dependent on the frequency of using your tool, which can be daily or a few times a week. The more often you use it, the better the results. You will see immediate results every time you use your tool. 

If redness or markings occur what should I do?

In most cases, the redness will dissipate within 30 minutes to an hour unless petechiae (small, red bumps) are present. The goal is to increase microcirculation, not to induce markings or bruising. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Leslie Iddison
Beautiful & Elegant

A lovely quality facial tool; I love the weight, shape and design. Thank you for including basic facial massage instructions.

Simar Singh

It’s a great!! Really good quality 👍🏻

Haiqa Umair

I've bought like 5 different Gua sha stones and in my opinion the muse stone is the best. The quality and shape is just perfect and has worked wonders!

Stone was great but broke soon after I got it

I ordered this with the nectar oil after a facialist’s recommendation and loved it the first few days but on day 3 of using it as I put it down it fell and broke in a bunch of pieces. Unfortunate as I really enjoyed it the first few days and would still recommend it based on my limited use and the oil.

Sharon Harrison

GUA SHA - Muse Stone