About Us


Driven by the foundations that each of us experiences our own very real, very unique skin journey, MONDAY MUSE is here to help you, help your skin’s health.  We want to help you navigate through the noise so you can choose thoughtfully and that’s why we keep things minimal, but meaningful, creating multi-purpose products with intentional ingredients you can rely on.


Our Philosophy

Skin health first 
In simple terms, we’re all about skin health and ensuring the skin barrier is never compromised. We focus on giving the skin what it needs rather than a nice scent or striking colour. The acid mantle is our first priority when formulating as it is the line of defence between our skin and the outside world. Therefore we create skin-friendly, forward-thinking formulations to protect, support and respect the skin’s barrier. 

Skincare backed by science and stats
We get it. There's a lot of noise in the beauty industry and so we're here to provide you with a credible and trustworthy voice, backed by real, true facts. We'll only share honest information that will benefit your understanding of your skin.
Supportive skincare
Hand up who is busy. You’re not alone and we know you don’t have the time to dedicate deciding between the overwhelming assortment of products to add to your skincare routine. We have your skin’s best interests at heart and believe in creating products that support the beauty of the skin, and also our modern way of living too.

Embracing you
We want to help you, help your skin. It’s that simple. Each person has their own unique skin journey and we want to help you to radiate confidence in your own beautiful skin. We want to encourage and empower you to take back control, be accepting and live your happiest life without the worry of your skin’s appearance.