Ingredients with Intention

We want to help you navigate through the noise so you can choose thoughtfully and that’s why we keep things minimal, but meaningful, creating multi-purpose products with intentional ingredients you can rely on.

Ingredient Philosophy

Formulated from scratch 

Not every cosmetic product is created from scratch; in fact, many companies will private label skincare products that have been pre-made by manufacturers. That’s not our style, we wanted to create something up to our standards, focusing on only adding in skin-friendly ingredients that support, strengthen and take the stress out of all things skin. 

Quality over quantity

Always this. We want to make sure your skin gets the best of the best. The way an ingredient is extracted, how it is grown, the souring process all play a role in determining the potency and therefore the quality of the product. We carefully inspect each ingredient before adding anything to our formulas, sourcing our ingredients ethically and with integrity. Our cosmetic scientist has a Korean heritage meaning our formulas combine both Eastern and Western skincare influences.

Intelligent ingredients

Each ingredient has a purpose to ensure the lowest risk of irritation but also, the highest efficacy to the skin and so we hand-select a mix of naturally-derived and man-made ingredients. We blend the best of both worlds to formulate products that achieve your optimal skin health and have the science and stats to match. We take out the unnecessary additives that are only included for user-experience and may cause further damage to the skin over time. 

Truthful & transparent

It can be tricky to read an ingredient label, therefore we simply state the percentage of active ingredients to ensure that you know we uphold high standards and know what you’re getting. We focus on what’s inside the bottle and let our formulas speak for themselves. Because we are so careful about skin irritations, we have a strict no fragrance and no essential oils policy amongst other ingredients like drying alcohols and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).