"I’ve been using The Gloss for just over 3 weeks and I have already seen a massive difference in how soothed and calm my scalp is, I tend to get dry patches which have been non-existent since discovering this product!"- Lauren

THE GLOSS - Scalp & Hair Oil - Monday Muse

Rich in cold-pressed omega oils to support sensitive scalps.

Natural ingredients nurture roots, stimulating growth and healthy hair.

Works to fight frizz and rebalance dry, dull hair.


Sweet Almond Oil

Sourced in regions of both Turkey and California, this high-grade, vitamin-intense organic oil increases moisture to nourish the hair and aid a flaky or itchy scalp.

Papaya Seed Oil

Packed with omega fatty acids and high in fruit enzymes, this oil derived from the seeds of the papaya helps to gently lift sebum build-up and control dandruff, rebalancing the scalp. 

Onion Seed Oil

We know, onion seed oil? It’s not what it seems. Scent-free, the oil is derived from the flower of the plant and is a centuries-old beauty secret used in ancient medicine. Packed with essential fatty acids, the oil is also high in sulfur to prevent breakage and improve the look and feel of brittle hair.

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black Cumin aka Nigella Sativa has been used for centuries in the Middle East and Asia for medicinal purposes and with good reason. Research shows that this oil is antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve dry and irritated scalps. A 2017 study demonstrated that the oil can combat hair fallout by up to 76%, whilst another study states it could potentially increase hair growth.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

A powerful oil with strong anti-inflammatory effects, Pumpkin Seeds are high in vitamin A and C, as well as essential minerals like Zinc, Potassium, and Magnesium, which help fight free radicals and boost skin elasticity. Used to enhance the strength and shine of hair, early research shows the oil could improve hair growth too.

Olive Oil Decyl Esters

Derived from olives, this natural silicone alternative allows for fast absorption of the blend and promotes soft, silky hair. 

Full Ingredient List:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (sweet almond) oil, Carica Papaya (papaya) seed oil, Olive Oil Esters, Squalane, Cucurbita Pepo (pumpkin) seed oil, Nigella Sativa (black cumin) seed oil, Allium Cepa seed oil, Bisabolol, Tocopherol.

This blend includes COSMOS-certified oils that meet the strict requirements to be natural and organic.

Skin notes


The Gloss is a gentle blend suitable for all hair types. Expertly formulated to support optimum scalp health, the 100% vegan-friendly formula is also free from added fragrance.


How to use The Gloss as a pre-wash scalp treatment:

Simply part your hair into equal sections and massage a pipette full of the oil per section into your scalp. Take 20 to 60 minutes to unwind and let the blend work its magic before rinsing out and applying your regular shampoo and conditioner. For a more intensive treatment, leave in for a few hours or overnight. Recommended use 1-3 times a week. 

How to use The Gloss as a hair oil:

Disperse 1-4 drops and apply to the ends of the hair to smooth frizz and add natural shine to the hair. Start with the smallest amount and build up as needed. Use both on damp or dry hair. 

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As Seen In


It’s time to get acquainted with The Gloss Scalp & Hair Oil. The secret to healthy, happy hair starts at the scalp and so this nutrient-rich blend is brimming with cold-pressed omega oils to nourish, strengthen and revive from root to tip. Designed as a pre-wash treatment, the cold-pressed blend encourages a balanced and healthy scalp that, with regular use, can help stimulate hair growth - and if you’re seeking shinier hair, the dynamic dual-purpose formula will give your locks a lift too, enhancing its natural lustre.

Black Cumin Seed Oil together with Pumpkin Seed and Papaya Seed oils work to take care of dry and irritated scalps, whilst controlling flakiness and product build-up. Sweet Almond Oil supports sensitive scalps and the addition of Onion Seed Oil nurtures brittle hair. The nourishing blend also features a natural silicone alternative to restore damaged hair and fight frizz. 

A 4-week independent clinical trial showed that The Gloss helps reduce dandruff and improves the overall appearance of the hair, using the product twice a week as a pre-wash treatment for 30 days.

A Letter From The Founder...

“I never used to pay much attention to my scalp. This was until my hair became damaged, dry, and stopped growing. I discovered the concept of hair oiling and started to treat my scalp as an extension of my face. Like a facial for my scalp, it leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny, and as healthy as can be.”

This is a story that goes way back to suffering from skin conditions including eczema in my early childhood to acne, mild rosacea and perioral dermatitis as a teenager and adult. I know how horrible it feels to have painful cysts and bumpy-textured skin that just can’t be masked by any foundation or concealer.

It’s been my mission ever since to help others combat their own skincare concerns, especially those with temperamental skin and so I worked to get a diploma in organic skincare formulation and worked with my trusted chemist to create products that promise to respect and support your beautiful skin.

MONDAY MUSE has your skin’s best interests at heart.

x Lune