THE NECTAR - Vitamin Facial Oil
THE NECTAR - Vitamin Facial Oil
THE NECTAR - Vitamin Facial Oil
THE NECTAR - Vitamin Facial Oil
THE NECTAR - Vitamin Facial Oil
THE NECTAR - Vitamin Facial Oil
THE NECTAR - Vitamin Facial Oil

Feed your skin daily with THE NECTAR, a luxurious, lightweight and fragrance-free formula to nourish and calm the skin. Ideal for very sensitive, oily/combination or dry skin, our expert blend of cold-pressed oils work together to repair and enrich the skin barrier through a dose of effective vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids help protect against free radicals to combat signs of premature aging, whilst the antibacterial properties keep temperamental skin in check. With a science-backed formula, this delicate facial oil quickly absorbs into the skin ensuring a non-greasy feeling.

Kalahari Melon brings a boost of hydration, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Rosehip Oil work to improve elasticity, whilst Pumpkin Seed Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil (said to be Cleopatra’s beauty secret) calms acne-prone skin. 

“I wanted a facial oil that would suit my oily, acne-prone complexion and calm and nourish my skin instantly after a long day. What I like is that it truly is a lightweight formula that doesn’t take long to absorb and always has me wake up with the softest skin.” - Founder

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Locks in moisture to keep skin hydration levels high and prevents collagen degradation. 

Rebalances the skin's natural oil production and improves the overall firmness.

Soothes irritation and overall complexion - a comfort blanket for the skin.

  • Kalahari Melon Seeds
    As the name suggests, the Kalahari Melon is a wild fruit that originates from the southern African Kalahari desert. Research suggests Kalahari Melon Seed Oil results in reduced transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and increased moisture retention. The non-irritant, moisturising effects and high levels of omega 6 essential fatty acids (70% linoleic acid) provide an ingredient that is softening, non-greasy and stable due to its extremely high Vitamin E content. 

  • Black Cumin Seeds
    Black Cumin aka Nigella Sativa has been used for centuries in the Middle East and Asia for medicinal purposes and with good reason. Research shows that this oil is antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, aiding conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. A clinical study demonstrates the efficacy of Black Cumin Seed Oil for acne vulgaris as well as reducing post-inflammatory marks. 

  • Red Raspberry Seeds
    Packed full of antioxidant-rich Vitamin A, C and E, these protect against oxidative stress and pollution. Due to a high content of fatty acids, these seeds are also a skin barrier protector leaving the skin restored and calming inflammation. 
  • Passion Fruit Seeds
    Derived from the seeds of the Passionflower, this oil has been used since the Aztec civilization. High in Lycopene to help soothe sun damage, minimise discolouration and fine lines, it is also the oil with one of the highest levels of linoleic acids to give it a lightweight texture. 

  • Cucumber Seeds
    High in Phytosterols, these keep the skin nourished, work to maintain a healthy moisture balance and help strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier. They also promote cell regeneration, which replenishes and softens the skin. 

  • Hemp Seeds
    From the seeds of the Cannabis plant, Hemp Seed Oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and is used to relieve inflamed skin and add moisturise without clogging pores. 

  • Sacha Inchi
    The Sacha Inchi plant is found in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle and is a rich source of Omega 3 & 6 which aids regeneration of the lipid barrier structure. It also is high in antioxidants like Vitamin A which help with skin tightening and strengthening.

  • Pumpkin Seeds
    A powerful oil with strong anti-inflammatory effects, Pumpkin Seeds are high in vitamin A and C, as well as essential minerals like Zinc, Potassium, and Magnesium, which help fight free radicals, stimulate collagen production and fade dark spots. A study in 2017 revealed that all participants had a significant reduction in acne vulgaris within three months and reinforced the anti-inflammatory function and overall skin repair. 

  • Rosehip Seeds
    Derived from the seed of the rose, this oil is high in Vitamin A, C & E and is proven to brighten the complexion, regenerate damaged skin and help with skin elasticity and anti-ageing effects. It also helps to soothe skin irritation due to the high content of Vitamin E and Anthocyanin.

  • Prickly Pear Seeds
    A luxurious oil that is high in Vitamin E and K as well as minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Studies have shown that Prickly Pear Seed Oil has 150% more Vitamin E than Argan Oil, helping to restore elasticity and diminish the appearance of fine lines as well as dark spots. 

    Vitamin E works to slow down the oxidative rancidity process of the oils.


We only use COSMOS-certified oils that meet the strict requirements to be natural and organic.

Suitable for all skin types and all ages, THE NECTAR has a high percentage of Linoleic Acid making it suitable for even those with an oilier complexion. In addition, the oil is formulated without any synthetic fragrance or essential oils to suit reactive skin types. This also means it is possible to apply after windburn, sunburns, retinol or retinoid use or after a chemical peel.  The Nectar is 100% vegan-friendly.

Use 2-5 drops daily and gently press onto the face and neck as the last step in your routine or mix in directly with your face cream. When used in the morning, follow up with SPF. 

Our supportive selection of cold-pressed oils has been carefully selected as they retain more of their nutritive properties than other extraction methods, creating a more potent formula. This also means it keeps most of their subtle flavour, colour and natural herbaceous scent.


Oil for oily skin? Say what?
That’s right. In fact, when used correctly, facial oils can calm down irritated skin and help with certain types of acne. 

The lowdown:
A common cause of acne is called a linoleic acid deficiency, a compound which is found in plant oils. In other words, all oils have a ratio of linoleic and oleic acid, which make up part of their fatty acid profile. We have only included oils that have a higher percentage in linoleic acid than oleic acid to make sure it is suitable even for oily and combination skin types. Because of this composition, it creates a very lightweight formula that is easily absorbed by the skin without causing congestion

In addition, Black Cumin, Hemp, and Pumpkin seed oil all have antibacterial properties that can aid acne-prone skin. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Beautiful Facial Oil!

After just two weeks, I saw a noticeable difference in redness of my hormonal breakouts. The texture of this lightweight oil really agrees with my sensitive skin. I've stayed away from most oils as they clog up my skin but I'be been using this twice a day with no problems. The smell is a little herbaceous at first, but I quickly got used to it and enjoy using it as a part of my daily routine to keep my skin in check. Couldn't recommend it enough!

So calming!

I am really happy with my new facial oil. It calms my skin and it feels softer. I have a troubled skin with red spots, and it is already less after only one week of using this product. It also looks great, as it gives a nice subtle glow. I am very happy!

The magic my skin needed- THANK YOU

I had been looking for a face oil to use in the evenings and had been recommended to use this Nectar. I truly is the juice my skin needs to GLOW. I wake up after having applied the oil in the evening & my skin feels hydrated, fresh, healthy & clean. I’m prone to acne breakouts and so far after a few weeks use I’ve noticed that my skin looks calmer & well refreshed. Really pleased I invested in the oil & look forward to continuing its use.

Soothing for young teenage skin

I bought this for my 13-year old as a gift for Christmas. Her skin has recently started to get oily on her forehead and chin, and she in regularly breaking out in spots. Since using the Nectar (just over two weeks) we have both really noticed the difference. Her skin seems much less oily, and while she is still getting some spots, the serum has calmed the redness and helps promote the healing and disapperance of her breakouts. The bottle also looks great! I would really reccomend this serum to sooth and balance teenage skin.

Plump & glowy skin

My skin tends to get dry come winter time!
I use the nectar over night and wake up with plump and hydrated skin. Noticed a nice little glow as well!
No breakouts or Irritation! L o v e!