Founder Story

Created by Dutch founder Lune in 2020, MONDAY MUSE™ has been years in the making after searching high and low to find something that would help to clear up her troubled skin. 

A letter from Lune…

This is a story that goes way back to suffering from skin conditions including eczema in my early childhood to acne, mild rosacea and perioral dermatitis as a teenager and adult. I know how horrible it feels to have painful cysts and bumpy-textured skin that just can’t be masked by any foundation or concealer (you can read my full skin story here).

It’s been my mission ever since to help others combat their own skincare concerns, especially those with temperamental skin and so I worked to get a diploma in organic skincare formulation and worked with my trusted chemist to create products that promise to respect and support your beautiful skin.

MONDAY MUSE has your skin’s best interests at heart.

x Lune