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THE CLEANSER - Soft Milky Gel

Dry, oily or sensitive skin? Our universal cleanser is designed to restore and rebalance the skin whilst effectively removing excess dirt and debris.

  • Purifying cleanser to minimise congestion

  • Gentle & non-foaming for a non-stripping wash

  • Works on all skin types (including blemish-prone)

  • Unique cleansing complex that does not leave any greasy residue

THE CLEANSER - Soft Milky Gel - Monday Muse
THE CLEANSER - Soft Milky Gel - Monday Muse
THE CLEANSER - Soft Milky Gel - Monday Muse
THE CLEANSER - Soft Milky Gel - Monday Muse
THE CLEANSER - Soft Milky Gel - Monday Muse
THE CLEANSER - Soft Milky Gel - Monday Muse

Real People, Real Results

  • Clinically-backed Botanicals

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

  • Non-Comedogenic

  • Made for Temperamental Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Nikita Alberts

The Cleanser is one of my favorite skin care products. I use it almost everyday as it helps my skin to breathe again. I love the way one small drop can be used to freshen up your entire face. Perfect for your morning or evening ritual! And I can tell that it results in a soft and smooth skin (already used >5 tubes?)

the one and only

i started using this cleaner years ago because my the one i usually used was sold out and i have to tell you: i never brought my old one again - this is THE one.
Since i am using the cleaner over a year (and longer idk), i am able to give u a long time review. I am using the cleaner every 2-3 days, sometimes more sometimes less. Its gentle, dont harm my sensitive skin and is the perfect begining for a skin routine or just to get rid of dirt. Its not the ideal one for removing make up but for everything else.
The cleaner and oil make the ultimative combo against dry or oily spots!

Forever Item

Been using this for around a week now and I have had no breakouts. Skin feels clean and soft and not tight afterwards! Love it!

This is the best cleanser i've ever tried

All the reviews say this is the best cleanser and they're so right. It's very unique and it has really shown me that my other cleansers have been a bit harsh. This doesn't leave my skin dry or tight which is so refreshing. I also have been leaving it on while I brush my teeth and it works like a hydrating mask <3 Love love love


After years of trying cleanser and being told by dermatologist simple cleansers are the best way.
I found the soft milky cleanser by Monday Muse. It is honestly so gentle yet effective at cleansing my face. I'm already on my second tube!
Thank you for making it :)

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Is the cleanser suitable for rosacea, eczema, or blemish-prone skin?

Yes, lots of our clients with skin conditions, sensitive skin, or compromised skin barriers find that The Cleanser respects the microbiome and leaves them feeling refreshed and ready to apply the rest of their skincare. Our naturally-derived surfactant was also tested on blemish-prone skin and didn't show any adverse reactions.

If your skin is very compromised, we do suggest patch testing.

Does The Cleanser remove make-up?

The Cleanser effectively removes most types of makeup. If you're wearing waterproof or long-wear makeup, consider starting an oil or balm cleanser or with micellar water to help remove stubborn makeup.

Why should I use a non-foaming cleanser?

Foaming cleansers can sometimes be harsh on the skin barrier, leaving the skin‘over-cleansed’. Although many people look for that squeaky clean feeling, it’s tell-tale sign that the skin barrier has been stripped of both the good and bad bacteria.

Using a gentle milky or lotion-type cleanser will help clean the skin of SPF, dirt, debris, and pollution, without unbalancing the microbiome.

Is this product pregnancy-safe?

Yes, this naturally-derived product is safe to use during pregnany and breastfeeding.

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