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The Gloss Deluxe bundle

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Lacklustre, thinning hair? Or dealing with a flaking, dry scalp?

Treat your hair with The Gloss, our multi-purpose, 100% natural, silicone-free hair oil.

  • Aids against hair loss
  • Removes sebum and product buildup
  • 2-in1 product to treat the scalp & split ends
  • Made with cold-pressed oils that retain more nutrients
  • Clinically-proven to increase Hair Density by up to 46% in 6 weeks
  • Clinically-proven to reduce Dandruff & excess flaking in 30 days
The Gloss Deluxe bundle - Monday Muse
The Gloss Deluxe bundle - Monday Muse
The Gloss Deluxe bundle - Monday Muse
The Gloss Deluxe bundle - Monday Muse
The Gloss Deluxe bundle - Monday Muse
The Gloss Deluxe bundle - Monday Muse

Trusted by experts

"If you’re looking for a natural alternative to Minoxidil to support your hair growth concerns, I recommend The Gloss. It is clinically proven to support your hair loss concerns by keeping hair in the growth phase for longer, reducing hair loss and increasing density in just 6 weeks."

Scarlett Weston, Certified Trichologist- @thescarlettcollective

Real People, Real Results

  • Clinically-backed Botanicals

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

  • Non-Comedogenic

  • Made for Temperamental Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Love it but no working grow

Brilliant Bundle

Such a good deal bundle. Lovely gentle comb accompanying a fantastic prodct. I've seen results already in 2 weeks.


I rarely leave product reviews, but this stuff works wonders! I recently bleached my hair at home and my scalp was left irritated and itchy. I applied this and within a minute my skin felt soothed and any discomfort was completely gone! I also use this as an overnight treatment 1-2 times a week and leaves my hair smooth and strong. Def recommend!

The Gloss!!!!

I absolutely love this scalp oil. I have used it 3 times since receiving it recently and I love how wonderfully refreshed my scalp feels. My hair also is more voluminous and shiny. Can’t wait to try more Monday Muse products.

Rebecca Caldwell
Love this hair oil!

The smell is great, and the consistency is just right for my hair during these dry months. I don’t know if I am seeing hair growth yet (it’s only been two weeks) but I do think my hair and scalp is healthier and hair is shinier!

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Will an oil not leave my scalp feeling greasy?

Because The Gloss a pre-wash product, it shouldn't leave the scalp greasy after showering. In fact, when used correctly, it should leave the scalp feeling extra "clean" as it's designed to help lift any dead skin cell buildup or product buildup.

We do recommend using a shampoo with a good lather or even a clarifying schampoo; this will ensure that all product residue is effectively removed.

We also suggest that you avoid drenching their hair and scalp with the oil, as a small amount is all that is needed.

I have finer hair, can I still use The Gloss?

Yes, we have many customers with fine hair who love The Gloss. It’s important to have a shampoo that lathers well to ensure that all oil is removed, so that clean hair isn’t weighed down by residue that hasn't been washed away. After washing, your hair should feel light, refreshed with boosted shine.

Why are scalp oils important for healthy hair?

You can think of the scalp as an extension of the skin on your face.

Like our facial skin, the scalp is delicate and exposed to the daily environment, but, unlike our facial skin, we neglect it and restrict scalp care to drying shampoos several times a week. You can think of the scalp as the soil for plants (your hair). Plants will not grow healthily and bloom if the ground is dry and nutrient deprived. The Gloss helps balance and nourish the scalp, allowing and promoting healthy hair growth.

Is this product pregnancy-safe?

Yes, this naturally-derived product is safe to use during pregnany and breastfeeding.

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