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Clarify & Balance bundle

Fussy, dehydrated or congested skin?

Clarify and balance your skin with The Juice and The Nectar duo. The Juice is a hydrating serum that gently clarifies and helps fade post-acne marks with 5% Niacinamide. Our non-clogging vitamin face oil helps to repair the skin whilst preventing future breakouts.

Ideal for: acne prone skin, dehydrated, uneven tone or generally fussy skin.

  • Gently clarifying
  • Helps fades acne scars
  • Rebalances the skin's natural oil production
  • Restores inflamed, sensitised skin


Clarify & Balance bundle - Monday Muse
Clarify & Balance bundle - Monday Muse
Clarify & Balance bundle - Monday Muse

Real People, Real Results

  • Clinically-backed Botanicals

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

  • Non-Comedogenic

  • Made for Temperamental Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Noticeable difference!

I'm loving The Juice and have to say that after a year of troublesome skin it's the only product that has made a considerable difference. The effects were almost immediate, it's super hydrating and balancing, and now a regular part of my routine morning and night. Combined with The Nectar, it really aids the repairing of my barrier and discolouration. My skin has responded so well to this combination, it's much calmer with fewer breakouts and a more even tone - I would not hesitate to buy again!

Clearing up scars

Love the two together, my skin feels hydrated and my scars are starting to noticeably fade, would repurchase in a heartbeat

Elizabeth Ermakova
Loving this duo!

I have combination skin and I am not someone that gets spots but I do get some occasional ones before my period starts. I have been using this set for nearly a month and my skin looks absolutely amazing. I didn't break out in any spots this time before my period started so I can tell this duo is definitely doing something for my skin. Both of the serums are so light weight and feel lovely when applying on the skin. The oil has a beautiful earthy smell which I love as it smells natural. Really happy I bought this set and will be repurchasing when I run out.

Olivia Peacock


Anna Nikiticheva
Great stuff!

The Juice is now my favourite skin care product. I have been suffering from hormonal spots EVERY month on the first and second day of my cycle for about 10 years. Sometimes the spots would get really bad, and I was looking for the ways to tackle this problem. Obviously tried everything in 10 years and also looked into my diet etc, but nothing seemed to help. Until I found this Juice! I use the Juice in the morning under my moisturiser, and The Nectar (a vitamin oil) on top of my retinol serum before going to bed, and my skin now is clearer than ever! Been using the bundle for around 6-7 weeks. Thank you!

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Why do I need both products?

You can absolutely use The Juice and The Nectar separately but they work very well together as they serve different purposes.

The Juice is a hydrating serum, while The Nectar is an oil. The Juice is a multi-functional serum that provides hydration with added nutrients to boost skin health. The Nectar is a lightweight oil that nourishes and calms. It’s ideal for sensitive, oily/combination, or dry skin, as it repairs and enriches the skin barrier.

You can think of The Juice as a hydrating drink for the skin, while The Nectar provides healthy fats, replenishing the skin’s essential fats and vitamins and restoring balance.

Can I use these alongside active treatments, like retinol and acids?

Absolutely! The Nectar helps lock in the benefits of the products used earlier in the routine. The Juice is great to use alongside your routine. Alternatively, The Juice can be used on days when you’re not using stronger treatments.

Which product do I apply first?

The Juice has a lower molecular weight than The Nectar, so it should be applied before. A good rule of thumb is that your skincare routine should go from the thinnest to the thickest product. This allows the lighter textured serums to penetrate the skin. Oils are usually used at the end of the skincare routine as they lock in moisture. They work as a protective layer, holding in hydration and calming the skin.

Is this product pregnancy-safe?

Yes, this naturally-derived product is safe to use during pregnany and breastfeeding.

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