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The Powder - Enzyme Exfoliant

Dealing with dark spots or dull, congested, sensitive skin? Brighten your complexion with our powder-to-cream exfoliation treatment.

  • Natural enzymes to gently polish
  • Unique blend to dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells
  • Smooth skin bumps and de-clog pores & blackheads
  • Clinically-proven to reduce the appearance of pigmentation
  • Long-lasting, up to 60 uses per bottle
The Powder - Enzyme Exfoliant - Monday Muse
The Powder - Enzyme Exfoliant - Monday Muse
The Powder - Enzyme Exfoliant
The Powder - Enzyme Exfoliant - Monday Muse
The Powder - Enzyme Exfoliant - Monday Muse
The Powder - Enzyme Exfoliant - Monday Muse

Real People, Real Results

  • Clinically-backed Botanicals

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free

  • Non-Comedogenic

  • Made for Temperamental Skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sensitive skin approved!!!

I struggle with sensitive combination skin and often have a build up of dry skin which turns oily then into spots. It's so tricky to manage when your skin is sensitive to alot of different products.

From the first use this powder helped so much! It made my skin feel really smooth, fresh and made my makeup go on perfectly.

Henriette Mackey Lund
Gentle & Effective

I have Rosacea and exfoliating is something I have to be careful about. Yet this lovely and gentle exfoliant does the trick. It’s effective while not causing any irritation, as long as you don’t overdo it. I mix it with the cleanser (also Monday Muse) and that is the best way for me to use it.

Lucy Farr
Lovely product

This is such a nice gentle exfoliant. As for results it’s too early to tell but I’m enjoying adding this wash to my daily routine 😊

Works for Sensitive Skin!

I have perioral dermatitis, which is a tricky skin condition to manage. There are very few products that I can use that don’t cause flare ups, and my skin hates salicylic acid. While I found a gentle cleanser and moisturizer that work for me and my dermatitis was mostly under control with the support of a couple of prescriptions, I was still struggling with skin congestion. This product is the answer and it’s the only exfoliant that I can use! It does not irritate my dermatitis and my skin feels smoother, softer, and less congested. I’m not sure about fading hyperpigmentation yet, but fingers crossed.

Lia T Brooks
Monday Muse is amazing!

My skin has never been so glowy and clear before. My friends and family have been complementing my face since I started using it.

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Why do I need an exfoliant like The Powder in my routine?

The shedding of the dead cells is vital to our skin health. Factors like ageing and the environment can cause this process to slow down.

When this happens, it causes a build-up of dead skin cells; this appears in the form of dullness, textured skin and uneven skin tone. So it's important to exfoliate the skin and ensure we are aiding this process. It will also help your other products absorb better into the skin.

My skin is sensitive and I am worried about using exfoliants - can I use this? 

If your skin is prone to sensitivity, enzymes are a great option!

Enzymes work without disrupting your skin’s microbiome, which means they’re unlikely to irritate or sensitise the skin compared to traditional exfoliants, like acids (AHAs, BHAs etc). Enzymes act like little pac men on the skin; they break down the bonds between dead cells, allowing them to be easily slewed off, leaving the skin feeling smoother. This product targets texture, congestion, flaking, dead skin cell build-up, dryness and early signs of ageing.

It is also a wash-off product, so you have more control over the application process and makes it a better alternative to those with reactive skin.

If you are still worried, you can dilute a bit of the powder with your favourite cleanser, mix it together and experience an even milder exfoliation.

How is The Powder a more gentle alternative to other exfoliants?

The Powder has a unique base of tapioca starch and colloidal oatmeal which are included ultra-fine ingredients to ensure a non-abrasive feel on the skin to minimise the risk of irritation. In addition, enzymes are known to be one of the most gentle forms of exfoliation.

If you have a history of sensitivity to exfoliants, we recommend patch testing and starting slowly. Start by mixing it in with your favourite cleanser to dilute the enzymatic action.

Can I use this alongside AHAs, BHAs, and retinoids?

You can use The Powder if you use a retinoid or similar treatment, however, we recommend that they are used on alternative nights and not on the same day. Though exfoliation is very beneficial to the skin; it promotes cell turnover, allowing dead skin to shed and new healthy skin to come toward the surface, over-exfoliating is easily done and negatively impacts the skin. Over-exfoliation can strip the barrier, leaving it sensitive and vulnerable to inflammation and redness.

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